Fractional Distillation

There are natural plants through which deriving the highest purity levels of the oil is very challenging. This is for the reason that one or more chemical components of the said plant will vaporise when heated to a certain temperature and hence, the rectification process is applied through distilling the entire product in fractions.

Fractional Distillation

The following illustration gives an insight into this distillation process.


  • The liquid mixture is placed in the storage tank and is then heated.The oil heats up and gets fractionated. (Pic. 1)
  • The fractionated oil is then condensed through water in the process further. (Pic. 2)
  • The condensed liquid is then extracted in last flask as the



desired quality and 100% pure oil (Pic. 3).

In simple terms, Fractional Distillation deploys rectification (breaking up a product in fractions) for obtaining the purest quality of oil under reduced pressure. Usually, Fractionation is carried out for a single oil alone, wherein injecting the steam in the oil is not required.

These pics of the Fractional Distillation at our works will give you a good idea of our world-class & qualitative infrastructure set up.