Solvent Extraction

There are numerous plants, oil seeds, nuts, blossoms that contain too little volatile oil to be exposed to expression method of extraction. Moreover, their ingredient components are too fragile to sustain the high levels of heat of steam distillation. The high degrees of steam act as flames of fire and cause the natural ingredients to get denatured early and easily. As a result, the plant nutrients get evaporated leaving the major waste chunk.

solvent extraction

It is through the 'Solvent Extraction' method that such natural oils can be safely extracted. The most preferred element used here is Hexane.

The following illustration explains the flow chart of 'Solvent Extraction' methodology deployed for the

solvent sxtraction

Not only that the inhibited valuable nutrients and other such components are safely retained through this method, the overall 'yield' volumes of the extraction process is higher and better - both in terms of quality & quantity.