Specific Gravity

In our business of 100% pure and all natural oils, we come across queries from our clients for the technical specifications e.g. Specific Gravity (S.G.).

As such, S.G. is a dimensionless unitexpressed for liquids as - the ratio of the density of the substance (plant/fruit/flower etc.) in comparison to the density of water, at (a) specified temperature(s), commonly 20oC.

specific gravity

For an oil, its S.G. is its density measured in relation to that of water and hence, also referred to as 'relative density'.

Principally, in the oil industry, the use of specific gravity measurements is to decipher and determine the correct and accurate concentrations of ingredients in the aqueous solutions. As these ingredient substances are observed/analysed in terms of concentration versusS.G. tables, the correctness and the accuracy of the information holds an extreme importance for achieving a correct and purposeful analysis.

We offer our natural oil products as per their requirements of Specific Gravity. As manufacturers/distillers of all natural oils of Indian origin and several numerous oils of foreign oils, we enjoy an upper hand for being technically well-equipped with fulfilling your specific requirements!

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