Seven Chakra Blends

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Seven chakra blends

The Sanskrit word "chakra" stands for  "wheel" or "disc." Our life force, or prana shakti, travels through seven chakras or energy centers in the human body. These energy pathways may sometimes get clogged, which causes disruptions in the body's normal functions. For the body to work at its optimum, the seven chakras—the root (Muladhara), sacral (Swadhistana), solar plexus (Manipura), heart (Anahata), throat (Vishuddha), third eye (Ajna), and crown (Sahasrara)—need to be in harmony. One may feel larger degrees of self-love, gratitude, groundedness, and confidence after utilizing chakra blends given by seven chakra blends manufacturers, which are an amazing mix of natural components from green sources.

One's bodily and spiritual identities are exposed to the energy of the universe when your chakras are in tune. Daily awareness of your chakra balances helps the energy flow more naturally, enhancing your mood and vitality. Our Chakra Blends blend the medicinal advantages of essential oils with the energetic characteristics of gemstones to help you open and balance your chakras. Each chakra mix is prepared according to a specific formula devised after carefully analyzing each chakra to encourage emotions of compassion, well-being, inner calm, relaxation, centeredness, and better vitality. Since we are the seven chakras blend manufacturers and suppliers, we believe in promoting their advantages to everyone.

Seven chakras blends prepared through the blending of essential oils, and these oils are extracted through different processes - 

  • Steam distillation: The purification of water with additional non-volatile and volatile components is done by the steam distillation method. In this, the volatiles is transported to a condenser by the steam produced by the boiling water. The liquid is then allowed to cool while the non-volatile residue is kept in the boiling container.
  • Cold pressed: This method uses hydraulic pressure to separate the fibrous portions of seeds, vegetables, fruits, and nuts from plant oil or juice. The expression approach is another name for it.
  • Solvent extraction: It is a widely used extraction technique. It is mostly used for delicate and brittle plant components, such as flowers, because they cannot tolerate such intense heat.
  • Mechanical pressing: It is a less popular technique; however, it is sometimes used to extract oils from citrus fruits. The fruit is pressed in a press to extract the essential oils in this technique.

The benefits of Seven chakra blends are as follows:

  • It develops the ability to love, care for others, and have faith.

  • Its wonderful floral scent increases your ability to love yourself and others.

  • The crown chakra will inspire you to unleash your soul and embark on a journey of grandeur.

  • It smells pleasant, a little sweet, and energetic.

  • It enables a person to calm down, become more mindful, and restore the connection between their bodily, mental, and spiritual self.

  • It increases the ability to see things clearly and objectively.

  • With the help of this combo, you may express yourself honestly and clearly.

  • It is ideal for therapeutic exercises like yoga and meditation.

  • It promotes the disclosure of personal facts.

  • Combine it with absolute oil and apply it to your neck and other cardiac locations to encourage communication and connection between the body and mind.

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The uses of Seven chakra blends are as given:

We provide high-quality Seven chakra blends online as one of India's most significant and well-known

Seven chakra blends suppliers


  • In aromatherapy diffusers

  • To create DIY chakra balancing mists

  • In vaporizers

  • Natural scents for candles

  • Cleaning products

  • In creams and lotions products

  • As massage oil

  • In inhalators


If used correctly, these

Seven Chakra Blends India

enhances and maintains every chakra of the body. When using these powerful Seven Chakra mixtures, keep them away from your eyes and mucous membranes. Use of these mixtures for the seven chakras during pregnancy is not advised. Before using it on a newborn or small child, it is essential to read the safety guidelines for that specific attar.


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Ques: What difficulties are addressed by the union of the seven chakras?

Answer: It treats difficulties including apathy, loneliness, chronic fatigue, selfishness, greed, and mental disorientation.

Ques: What situations should I apply chakra mixtures to?

Answer: Mist diluted chakra oil with carrier oil over your head during the exercise. While you shut your eyes, bring your awareness inside.