Indian Attars

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  • Amberi Henna Attar

    Amberi Henna Attar

    • Botanical Name:Lawsonia inermis (Heena)
    • origin :India
    • Odor :Floral scent
    • Color:Brownish liquid
    • Extraction:Steam Distillation
  • Amberi Shamama Attar

    Amberi Shamama Attar

    • Botanical Name:Aquilegia Agallocha
    • origin :India
    • Odor :Robust and earthy
    • Color:Orange to Yellow
    • Extraction:Hydro Distillation
  • Black Musk Attar

    Black Musk Attar

    • Botanical Name: Nardostachys Jatamansi
    • origin :India
    • Color:light yellow to brown & persistent odour
    • Extraction:Hydro-Distillation
  • Chameli Attar

    Chameli Attar

    • Botanical Name:Jasmine Grandilfflorum
    • origin :India
    • Odor :Floral smell
    • Color: Light yellow
    • Extraction:Hydro distillation
  • Champa Attar

    Champa Attar

    • Botanical Name:Champaca
    • origin :India
    • Odor :Woody, sweet scent
    • Color:Clear light yellow to slightly darker
    • Extraction:Deg-bhabka method
  • Frangipani Attar

    Frangipani Attar

    • Botanical Name:Plumeria
    • origin :India
    • Color:Pale yellow & Romantic fragrance
    • Extraction:Organic Extraction
  • Genda Attar

    Genda Attar

    • Botanical Name:Tagetes erecta
    • origin :India
    • Odor :Aroma of marigold flower
    • Color:Yellow to dark yellow color
    • Extraction:Steam distilled
  • Gulab Attar

    Gulab Attar

    • Botanical Name:Rose Damascena
    • origin :India
    • Color:Red
    • Extraction:Steam Distillation method
  • Gulhina Attar

    Gulhina Attar

    • Botanical Name:Lawsonia Inermis
    • origin :India
    • Color:sweet scent
    • Extraction:Hydro distillation
  • Honeysuckle Attar

    Honeysuckle Attar

    • Botanical Name:Diervilla sessilifolia
    • origin :India
    • Color:N/A
    • Extraction:Steam Distillation
  • Jasmine Attar

    Jasmine Attar

    • Botanical Name:Jasminum Grandiflorum L
    • origin :India
    • Color:Light reddish brown & exotic scent
    • Extraction:Deg-bhabka method
  • Juhi Attar

    Juhi Attar

    • Botanical Name:Jasminum Auriculatum
    • origin :North India
    • Color:Extremely heavy gardenia type scent
    • Extraction:Hydro distillation
  • Kadam Attar

    Kadam Attar

    • Botanical Name:Anthocephalus Cadamba
    • origin :Karnataka in India
    • Color:Pale yellow & Rich, sweet, heavy, honeyed, powdery-floral bouquet
    • Extraction:Steam Distillation
  • Kewda Attar

    Kewda Attar

    • Botanical Name:Pandmns Odoratissimus
    • origin :India
    • Color:Nice rosy colour with sweet rosy fragrance
    • Extraction:Steam Distillation
  • Khus Attar

    Khus Attar

    • Botanical Name:Vetiveria Zizanoides
    • origin :India
    • Color:dark green with having a pleasant odour
    • Extraction:Hydro distillation
  • Lily Attar

    Lily Attar

    • Botanical Name:Convallariamajalis
    • origin :N/A
    • Color:N/A
    • Extraction:Steam Distillation
  • Lotus Attar

    Lotus Attar

    • Botanical Name:Nelumbo nucifera
    • origin :Tamil Nadu, India
    • Color:Flowery scent
    • Extraction:Hydro distillation
  • Majmua 96 Attar

    Majmua 96 Attar

    • Botanical Name:Boquet
    • origin :India
    • Color:earthy, cooling, green and sweet
    • Extraction:Hydro distillation
  • Majmua Attar

    Majmua Attar

    • Botanical Name:Boquet
    • origin :India
    • Color:earthy, cooling, green and sweet
    • Extraction:Hydro distillation
  • Mitti Attar

    Mitti Attar

    • Botanical Name:Attar of Earthern Soil
    • origin :India
    • Color:Pure Gold in Color & Nurturing, Softly Sweet and Soothing Smell
    • Extraction:steam-and-condense process
  • Motia Attar

    Motia Attar

    • Botanical Name:Jasmine Sambac
    • origin :India
    • Color:aroma of deep forests of lower Himalaya region
    • Extraction:Steam Distillation

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Indian attar

It is a prevalent belief that the words "attar," "itra," and "ittar" arose from the Arabic word "itr," which itself came from the Persian word "itir," which signifies scent. Traditional indian attars come from natural sources, such as essential oils or absolutes. Depending on the natural resources employed and the intended result, the aging time might be between one and ten years. Attars are essentially highly concentrated, alcohol- and artificial-chemical-free fragrances. 

Natural indian attars manufacturers provide exceptional attars that are technically natural plant and animal extracts. These natural fragrances are sold in tiny amounts and poured into little, or sometimes jeweled, traditional decanters. 

When applied to the skin, most real attars linger for well over 8 hours, which is remarkable given that most popular fragrances only last 4-6 hours, sometimes even less. When a scent is applied directly to the skin, the skin's little heat helps the smell spread slowly and for a long time. A little goes a long way with an attar since no spraying is involved, unlike typical alcohol-based perfumes.

Different methods of extracting Indian attar

 There are various Indian attar-extracting methods such as:

  • Hydro distillation method - Traditional techniques for obtaining bioactive chemicals from plants include hydrodistillation. This process involves packing plant materials into a motionless compartment, adding enough water, and then bringing them to a boil.

  • Steam distillation method - Passing dry steam over plant material during steam distillation causes the volatile steam components to volatilize, condense, and collect in receivers. Attar extraction uses steam distillation, which has been around for a while.

  • Deg-Bhaga method - The deg is a copper receiver (Bhapka) and a water tank via a bamboo conduit called Chonga. After that, the pot is cooked over a fire. The initial distillate is condensed, and liquid is obtained after a few hours. It is then distilled again after being transferred to an empty copper kettle.

  • Solvent extraction method - Solvent extraction is the most extensively used procedure. The extraction of natural goods occurs via the following stages: The solvent penetrates the solid matrix, the solute dissolves in the solvents, the solute is diffused out of the concrete matrix, and the extracted solutes are collected.

The benefits of Indian attar are as follows:

  • Most typically, attars are used as a perfume in various societies due to the lack of alcohol.

  • Pure Indian attars

    are used in the pharmaceutical for producing medications, mainly for cardiac and aphrodisiacal reasons.

  • Attars may be used in numerous additional treatments such as aromatherapy, and spa therapy for relieving pain, cardiac, migraine, and respiratory health. 

  • It also works in reducing mental health difficulties, like stress and depression by mixing it with some carrier oil.

  • It enhances enthusiasm and confidence and occasionally helps to accelerate our healing process.

  • Sandalwood essential oil or another hardwood base is included to distill attars to get sandalwood benefits and attar fragrance.

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The uses of Indian attar are as given:

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. However, it becomes crucial for people to understand how to use these attars properly.

  • Attars produce rich foods and desserts to impart excellent tastes in the Middle East and South Asian nations.

  • Attars are often used in chewing tobacco, such as pan masala and gutka, to decrease tobacco notes.

  • Attars are utilized in the fragrance business to generate unusual types of scents.

  • Due to their enticing and natural fragrances, attars create numerous scented items such as cosmetics, candles, room fresheners, and incense sticks.


If you apply these Indian attars effectively, they could enhance your physical and mental wellness. Avoid getting these healthful Indian attars in your eyes or mucous membranes while using them. You are using these indian attars while pregnant is not encouraged. Before applying attar to a newborn or small child, it is essential to read the safety guidelines for that specific attar.


Indian attar wholesale suppliers provide many health advantages and wellness benefits to everyone with our wide variety of natural indian attar. You are welcome to buy Indian attar from us as part of our commitment to spreading the advantages of our indian attar to everyone. In addition to other nations, we provide them in India. Since we are legitimate Indian attar suppliers in India, exporting bulk goods would be acceptable.


Ques: Are traditional Indian attar beneficial?

Answer: Traditional Indian attar supplier provides excellent Indian attar, which aids in reducing mental health difficulties, including stress and melancholy.

Ques: Is it safe to use Indian attar when pregnant?

Answer: Although they are safe, Indian attar should be avoided during pregnancy.

Ques: How should Indian attar be stored?

Answer: Storage of Indian attar is required in areas that are cold, dark, and shielded from the sun.

Ques: Can attar be used together with carrier oil?

Answer: Yes, a diffuser attar diluted with carrier oils is used for a fresh atmosphere.